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Although we do repair most cameras and lenses from the 1920's to present day we have Information pages on specific equipment for repairs or servicing and cleaning.
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If you can't get into our shop then why not give us a call or send an email, see our contact page.

Telescopes for sale
Explorer 150P EQ3-2
Explorer 150P + EQ3-2

Explorer 200P EQ5
Explorer 200P + EQ5

Explorer 300PDS NEQ6
Explorer 300PDS + NEQ6

SkyMax 150 EQ5 Pro
SkyMax 150 + EQ5 Pro

Helios 80900
Helios Solid Brass 36x

SkyMax 180 HEQ5 Pro
SkyMax 180 + HEQ5 Pro

The above telescopes for sale are just a few of the large range available.  If you want any advice on selection or information on what else is available then please contact us. Items with free UK delivery - check with us if above Glasgow / Edinburgh or off shore as additional cost may apply.
Other Services

Sensor cleaning service for all DSLR cameras and compact digital cameras. See our sensor cleaning information page below.
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We repair cameras, lenses,
camcorders and binoculars.
See our repair website.

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Large range of night vision equipment available
from Yukon and Cobra.

    Bullet  Night Vision Website

We can supply insurance
estimate reports.
Please contact us for details.

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Please look around our website, contact details above if you would like any information about the company or a sales enquiry.